Club Penguin Online Rules

1. Respect Others
Be nice to others, treat them as you would want to be treated.

2. Do not cuss
Swearing/cussing is not tolerated in our game, this includes abbreviated and/or slang words as well.

3. No spamming
Do not spam or flood the chat. This includes phrases or random letters. Igloo advertisement spamming is allowed, but do not overdo it.

4. No CPPS Talks
Do not talk about other CP servers unless a staff member allows it.

5. No advertising
You are not allowed to advertise any other website on CPO unless it's an army that has been approved by the Army League or any other websites related and owned by Club Penguin Online.

6. No trolling
We do not tolerate extreme forms of trolling. If you're "trolling" a user and they ask you to stop but you continue, then this is harassment and you will be banned for this.

7. No hacking/cheating
Use of third party programs in-game or on our Discord is not allowed. Members found in a Discord server that promotes CPO hacks will be banned.

8. No sexual misconduct
Do not mention any sexual content / references. This is a child friendly game with young children present on all servers.

9. No racism
Do not mention any racist content. We do not tolerate any forms of racism or hate speech. If found breaking this rule, you will be permanently banned.

10. No offensive jokes
Do not mention any offensive content. This includes jokes about disabilities, sexism and talking about suicide.

11. No sensitive topics
Do not discuss potentially controversial topics. This includes religious and political conversations.

12. No multi logging
Do not multilog. This means you are not allowed to play using multiple accounts at the same time.

13. No impersonating
Do not impersonate staff members or mascots, you will be banned and will unlikely be pardoned.

14. No evading punishments
Do not ban evade. This means you are not allowed to use an alternative account to play while your main account is banned.

15. No drama stirring
Do not spread rumours about CPO or its staff. Members found in Discord servers or groups that spread rumours about CPO will be banned forever.

Club Penguin Online is an educational instance. We do not hold copyright for any of the files